Arabian Center Employment Services

Отзыв. Kunduz Sagynova

Dear All

I am Kunduz, I am 21 years old now. I would like to tell about my successes in my life with Arabian Center.

                I attended to the interview through Arabian Center Employment Services in 2011 when I was 19 only and I got a job from  Abu-Dhabi the capital of UAE the Mafraq hotel 4*.

My first position was as a housekeeping but only after 4 moth they gave me good promotion from Front office as a telephone operator and CID agent and I learned so many things I made a lot of friends from different country I was working about 47 nationality in my department.


                It is amazing goals in my life I improved my English I got experience about management and I passed training about Guest service & telephone etiquette also I got certificate

I saw the world I visited Dubai Burj Khalifa the biggest building in the world Burj-Al-Arab 7* hotel. Now I am here in the Kyrgyzstan. I came for vacation, but I will back to Dubai soon, now I have a good position and good salary I am proud of myself and deeply I am thankful to Arabian Center Employment Services. This all within one year.

Also I would like to tell about our candidates in the UAE Alina, Nazira, Shah.

Alina was working as a reception, within one year she got also very good work promotion from HR department as an Assistant of HR manager. About Nazira she is 30 years old she start to work as a Housekeeping 1 year and got a good job in the Dubai with a good salary. Shah start to work as a waiter in the Mafraq-Hotel he got good experience as a Guest service after that he came to the Kyrgyzstan and through Arabian Center and he got a job Dubai Duty Free now he has a good salary good accommodation good life with DDF.

So don’t lose your chance try to grow up work, earn good money, improve your English, get experience, enjoy with good life, see the World it is all amazing things in your life.


                                                                                                                             Kunduz Sagynova